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Pre-Hack Day Checklist

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Pre-HackDay Checklist


Things to Bring: 

  • A wifi enabled laptop (international visitors; remember your power adapter)
  • For overnight hacking bring a pullover or sweatshirt in case you feel cold at night
  • If you are staying overnight, we will provide sleeping areas & bean bags. Not required but you may want to bring a sleeping bag if you need one to catch a nap on the Saturday night.
  • We will provide you with food throughout the event, so there will be no need to bring your own.


Appserver hosted on a domain

You will need access to an internet server where you can host and demo your hack from if needed. If you don't have one already look around there are many cheap providers who can get you a temporary one for a month or so. If I find some with good deals I'll list them here.

CheapVPS.co.uk provides very cheap Linux VPS including a "half usage" plan which is ideal for hacks

                    Serverchoice.com gives you a free 3 month trial period (haven't tried it myself)


While your looking for hosting, you might want to look for a code-exchange platform so you can share code and changes with the rest of your team.

For instance : GitHub (free for open source),  subversion (self hosted), dropbox (free, easy, not a 'real' version control system) or trac (wiki, svn, ticketing, might be overkill for a weekend project).

          You can install trac on your vps or go for a hosted solution. These students from Taiwan offer free svn hosting with optional trac interface.


Hacking on Blueprint, MailApps or Fire Eagle?

Just make sure that you have a web server on the internet where you can build out your app so that the Blueprint, Mail and Fire Eagle servers can talk to your app. It's probably better to have a server that support PHP5 but will send out more details later.

Also BBAuth requires you to have access to a root domain on the internet in case of Mail Applications Hacks.

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