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Main Event Page

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Welcome to the Open Hack 2009

A Yahoo! Hack Day in London


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We may have been struck by lightning twice at Open Hack 2007, but that does not keep us from hacking! Come and join Yahoo! on the 9th and 10th of May in London, England for 24 hours of learning, hacking, networking and fun.


The Event


Tech Talks

We’re kicking off the two-day event on Saturday 9th of May with a morning of Tech Talks covering a wide range of topics led by some of the Web’s most respected developers. We will showcase Yahoo!’s newest platforms and developer tools for you to play around with, and there will be plenty of experts on hand to answer questions.

If you’re interested in our Tech Talks but are not up for hands-on hacking, you’re still welcome to join – simply sign up for a Tech Talk ticket (instead of a Hacker ticket).



Following the morning tech sessions, we’ll kick off the 24-hour Hackathon. We encourage you to play around with Yahoo!’s Open Platforms, APIs and newest releases such as BOSS, Blueprint, YAP, YQL , YUI3 ,and more. And of course, feel free to use other open developer tools – we’re hoping to have participation from some of our friends in the community too. We would also love to hear your feedback on how we can make our developer services better. You will even have a chance to meet some of the engineers that built them.

At the end of the 24 hours, the hackers will have the chance to debut their hack and winners will be awarded with some enviable prizes. But more importantly, hackers win bragging rights until the end of eternity or the next Hack Day, whichever comes first.

And of course we will keep you well fed and hydrated throughout the two days. There will also be sleeping areas in case you want to take a nap.

If you want to hack AND listen to the Tech Talks on the Saturday morning, please register using a Hacker ticket.


What do you need to know


All our services are available at the Yahoo Developer Network (developer.yahoo.com) including our latest open platforms such as


Along with your favourites


We’ve set up a whole load of links for the day itself.


If you’re tagging stuff use openhacklondon (#openhacklondon on twitter)



9th May '09 – 10th May '09.

A more detailed agenda and schedule of Tech Talks coming soon…



The Congress Centre – Covent Garden.


Sign Up for Free

Interested? Please sign up and tell us about yourself. Are you joining us from a far corner of Europe? Are you full of ideas about building something using FireEagle or finding out about more our new BOSS platform or hacking together some esoteric data using YQL? Do tell.

Please add a link to your blog, and list things you’ve built and projects you contributed to in the “Special Requirements” section on the third page of the application form. And please let us know what you expect from the event and how it would be most useful to you.

There are two types of registration choices for attendees:

  • Tech Talks – for those who are only interested in attending the educational tech sessions on Saturday morning
  • Hackers – for those interested in attending the full 2-day, overnight hackathon – including the Saturday Tech Talks, all-night hacking, Sunday hack demos, judging and prizes

You could be hacking individually or in groups, but do sign-up individually.


Book your place now!.

While we’d love to have everyone there for the party, we do have space limitations at the venue, so we can accommodate approximately 200 hackers. We’ll be reviewing applications and giving preference to those we believe will best be able to contribute to the spirit of hack to make for a more interesting event for everyone. So please do tell us as much as you can about yourself in the “Special Requirements” section on the third page of the application form


Please note that by registering here, you are NOT confirmed to attend the event. We will send “Open Hack Day Confirmed” emails by the end of April to all the selected registrations applications.

If you have any queries, please contact us on apatel@yahoo-inc.com.


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