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Lightning Talks Agenda


Lightning talks are on Saturday in Rooms 3 & 4.


If you are interested in giving a lightning talk please enter your topic and brief description in the table below.


The Lightning Talks are short (10min) talks on any topics on technology, hack, products, innovation, trends... Topics are recommended to be relevant and of interest to the hacker community in the internet space. Apart from this there aren't any restrictions besides the usual propriety. A projector will be available for your presentation if any (not required) and there will be flipcharts.


Please play nicely and don't overwrite other people's talks in the timetable below.



Time Speaker Topic / Title Abstract / Brief Description
4.00p-4.10p Usman Haque  Intro to Pachube How to use Pachube.com's API to access realtime sensor and environmental data to create web-enabled hardware (i.e. devices, sensors, Arduinos, electricity meters, environments, buildings, Second Life etc. connected to the web) and hardware-enabled websites (i.e. sharing that data onwards with other services, remote interaction, creating graphs, blogjects, visualisations, Pachube.apps, datastream-browsing etc.)

Chris Carter 

Web Based 3D  Game Development using Homura and Net Homura  This presentation aims to provide an overview on the two open source games technologies, Homura and Net Homura, created as part of a collaboration between the BBC and Liverpool John Moores University.  The presentation demonstrates the capabilities of the Homura framework, and how it can be combined with Net Homura, and standard web technologies to provide cross platform, cross browser deployable hardware accelerated 3D games and virtual environments.
4:20p-4:30p Tom Morris How to use Semantic Web data in your hack For a long time, Semantic Web stuff seemed impractical: the realm of academics, magicians, metaphysicians and committees. There's plenty of good stuff that's going on, and I'll show you how to start getting interesting data out, how to query it, store it and use it for awesome. Specifically, we'll use two databases: LIBRIS (the Swedish equivalent of the British Library) and Dbpedia (a dataset that contains information scraped from Wikipedia). Knowledge of basic HTTP and REST is useful. Demos will be done with Ruby, but I'll also point to equivalents in PHP, Java, Python and Perl.
4:30p-4:40p Willem Koopman An obsessive compulsive's guide to environment monitoring with custom hardware A light, hopefully amusing overview of my own personal house monitor, with a brief comparison with other hacks. technologies involved: Arduino, 1wire, iobridge, xport, perl(I know, not python!) php
4:40p-4:50p Shevek Computer Security Games How good is your system security idea? Could you keep a computer safe in the face of a modern cracker? A quick game between hackers and security administrators will help you find out.