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Answers to all your hack queries (ask one, go on!)


1:  How much time do hackers get to develop their hacks ?

A:  Official Hacking time at the venue is from 12:30pm on Sat 9th to 12:30pm on Sun 10th. You could be working on your hack right now as we speak.


2.  What is hacking?

A:  For newbies to hacking here is a nice presentation on Hacking 101 by Chris Heilmann


3. Is it ok to use non-Yahoo APIs? 

A: Yes it is ok to use non-Yahoo APIs. But this is also a good time for you to try out the Yahoo! Open Platforms. Maybe you can mash-up the Y! APIs with the non-Y! APIs and come up with an awesome hack! Who knows it may make life easier for you! Interact at the Tech sessions and the BOF sessions to find out more. Thanks.


4. If I registered only as for the tech talks, will I be permitted to stay for the whole Hack event?

A: No, you will not be allowed to stay. If you registered as just for the talks, then once the talks are done at 16:30pm on Saturday 9thth, you will be asked to leave the event. Only Hackers will be allowed to stay for the whole 2 days.


5. I understand some hackers will be onto something right away, but for those who have no clue about Yahoo! APIs, are there some suggestions?

A: Yes!  Take a look at http://developer.yahoo.com/everything.html which has info and links to documentation on all our APIs and cool resources.


6. Can hackers present a sort of blueprint to a hack without actually having to implement it?

A: No, you will need to show a working demo of your hack


7. Can hackers form teams amongst themselves, or give out feelers to be interested in forming a team?

A: Yes please! Check out this link: Join a Hack Team


8. Should I be taking care of my own hardware needs, like a laptop? If there are any other hardware needs, do put up info about the same.

A: Look at this page for what you should bring: Pre-Hack Day Checklist


9. It's hard to provide a wireless structure for a few hundered people. Particularly when they are doing more than just "loading webpages". Should I bring a switch so my team-members and the devserver are connected by wire

A. The venue has a well established and stable wifi that has more than enough capacity for the numbers we expect at the event. We are working closely with them to ensure a smooth event and are also planning for any contingency. Unfortunately, you may not be able to connect your switch to a wired connection there. I would bring along your switch anyway in case this changes.

[p.s. MetaMix notes: it worked the last time in London and in Bangalore we improved from our previous experience of overheating so hopefully you are well covered]


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