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BBC Backstage – Rain Ashford

Rain will be talking about what’s new for BBC Backstage in 2009, such as R&DTV and the Ideas Store.  She’ll also mention Open Labs, Homura open source game engine, hardware hacking and the fun the team had at Maker Faire with weather feeds and tanks.

BBC Backstage are looking for people who’d like to be in a cross company podcast talking about what they’re doing so if you are interested in this and can’t make Rain’s talk, do find her throughout the event.


Rain Ashford (BBC Backstage)

Rain Ashford is half of the duo who run BBC Backstage. She is in charge of events and projects across the south of the UK. Her activities include working with internal and external developers & designers to express their creativity through BBC feeds and APIs. Backstage makes available as much BBC data as possible for any member of the public to republish, remix and mash-up under a non-commercial license.


Rain is also a keen member of the geek community, attending social as well as tech events, and enjoys coming up with creative ideas for new ways to converge media/platforms that include code, gaming, music, art and having fun.


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